When in doubt:

  1. Clear your browser cache
  2. Delete your Web\dist and c:\Temp\hard-source directories and re-build the client (npm run dev)
  3. Rebuild DeltekNavigator.sln manually in Visual Studio
  4. Re-run the Dev Update Script
  5. Re-run your preferred client build script (npm run dev OR npm run watch)
  6. Restart IIS
  7. Re-run CreateWebConfig.bat
  8. Did you recently change your network password? You probably need to change it in IIS.
  9. Run npm install
  10. Clear client build cache (web/dist and c:\Temp\hard-source directories) and rebuild client
  11. Restore your local database (Warning: You'll lose data)
  12. Search through Dev Chat for the problem/error message you are seeing
  13. Read the Framework documentation
  14. Verify which git branch you are on
  15. Nuclear Option on node packages
  16. Follow the steps in the Dev Env Setup Guide
  17. Make sure the smart client is NOT running when you are getting new files or running the dev update script
  18. Ensure your local process server is not running - it's rare for devs to run process server (use services list or go to smart client: Utilities -> Process Server => Server Management)
  19. Say a little prayer and drink to world peace
  20. Reboot Windows
  21. Post in Dev Chat
Jeff, when the above steps have not been followed